Thanks from Blogs4Mitt

I just wanted to say thanks to every one who helped out with Blogs4Mitt or who linked us.

Thank you.

I do not know what the future lies in store for us.  I no longer think we have the willpower to make the tough decisions.  But the tough decisions will have to be made, or they will be made for us.

Balancing the budget will happen whether we want it or not.

We have chosen the path of Greece or Spain and fiscal collapse.  Elections have consequences.


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Mitt Romney for President!
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3 Responses to Thanks from Blogs4Mitt

  1. Tammy says:

    When George Washington led soldiers on the battlefield year after year until England granted the states their independence, he never lost hope even when the British were better equipped and had enough boots for all their soldiers. George Washington did not become our Beloved First President until after he fought along side and led brave soldiers / citizens to Victory! The United States of America’s future depends on Mitt Romney who has walked the road with her citizens for over five (5) years, and in need of keeping all states together as a Republic for which it stands!

    From the battlefield where woman have a stand, it is important to keep your focus on the economy and job creation, and not on personal opinion issues. Scientific and medical studies all come into play for different reasons, and should be kept at a Supreme Court level rather than our most valued presidential candidate. I pray that God continues to watch over you and your beautiful family as we tread onward!

  2. Patrick says:

    I was happy to support Mitt. I chose Freedom over hate and religious bigotry. I felt I did the right thing. I still believe in America, and I believe that the next 3-4 years are going to make people hungry for a better leader even more. I hope the GOP chooses wisely. I will support whomever they choose.


    Thinking Americanist (Formerly Thoughts and Rantings)

  3. Tammy says:

    I pray that once again Americans will KNOW and HEAR valid leaders who like McCain, along with other presidents both True Democrats & Republicans that in fact served our great nation, and presidents both True Democrats & Republicans who told the United States citizens how much they Love our Country. We the People have not heard that nor do we know it from Barack Hussein Obama, currently in our White House. My hope is that our children will be able to HEAR and KNOW a President of the United States of America, that is a REAL LEADER of a Free Enterprise Nation where job creation via Capitalism can survive!

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