Daily Caller Propigating Mormon Polygamy Myth?

To be honest, I think Laura Byrne was trying to be funny.  But since many people still are under the false belief that Mormons practice polygamy, this kind of joke gets taken seriously by them and bolsters their own false notions:

I believe that Tucker Carlson owes the Romney family, and his supporters a huge apology or risk his online publication becoming the “Infowars” of the internet in short order. Tucker Carlson’s Mormonism does not justify this sort of behavior by his writers. Furthermore, I find it very humorous, that Tucker Carlson would have a woman doing his bidding and insulting the Romney sons, instead of doing it himself. I guess it is true what Don Imus famously said about Tucker Carlson and his bow ties.



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2 Responses to Daily Caller Propigating Mormon Polygamy Myth?

  1. Thanks for linking in Rusty. I have a valid point, if the left had done this, we’d be all over it, but because it is Tucker Carlson, that makes it okay? I think not. Furthermore, if we are not going to jump on this and flag it, we shouldn’t say a word when the left does this or worse.

    Just my opinion.

  2. Matt says:

    I wish I was a dog and B.H.Obama was a tree. (Isn’t that a great bumper sticker?)

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