Obama Throws Working Class Under the Bus

The Thinking Americanist argues that while Pres. Obama claims to be for the working class, what he’s really for are only certain segments of the working class.

In last night’s debate, President Obama basically said that he was not going to fight for so-called “Low Skill” jobs. Here is a newsflash for the President; a good part of Michigan is filled with people who would work these “low-skill” so-called “low-income” jobs.


I don’t know what Obama’s “plans” are for the working poor.  He seems to talk a lot about “plans” for this or that these days as if the last four years haven’t happened.  What I do know is what has actually occurred under Obama, which is that far more people are poor today when Obama  took office, far more poor people are dependent on the government then when he took office, far fewer of them are working then when Obama took office, and far fewer actually believe they can climb the income ladder then when he took Office.

If Obama has different “plans” for helping the working poor out, it would have been nice if he acted on them four years ago rather than asking us to trust him that the next four years will be different.


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One Response to Obama Throws Working Class Under the Bus

  1. you did a great job here in boston but guest what this boston convention center 89% is foreign born the new food provider levy restaurant out of chicargo is friends with governor deval patrick and president obama they have something setup with ex union president janice loux where any illegal come to mass they would already be setup with a union job in the hotel or convention center
    23 african american’s were fired and have open cases down at mcad for race discrimination company just offered my a settlement

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