Obama’s “Incomplete” Grade Now an “F”

So, Obama gives himself a grade of “Incomplete” (an “I” in the gradebooks) in his Economic Performance as a President class.

I’m a college professor, and the funny thing about an “I” is that they are automatically converted into an “F” if after one year the student doesn’t finish the required work.

So, now that Obama is 3.5 years into his term doesn’t that mean his “I” became an “F” about two years ago?


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One Response to Obama’s “Incomplete” Grade Now an “F”

  1. George R Johns says:

    It’s time to have a president who knows how to build up instead of tear down. Having been in construction for many years, now retired,, I found out it is much easier to tear down than to build as it doesn’t really matter how you do it, and you don’t need any particular skills; but to build takes a lot of “know how” and takes longer. I believe Mr. Romney can do the job. If Bush left us in debt, Obama has bankrupt us.. I am a U.S. Navy vet of the latter part of WW 2, and was there to do what was necessary to help my country. The problem with Obama is, America is not his country. It is beyond the realm of Americanism that anyone with just an iota of common sense could vote for the present regime. Thank you and God bless America…..

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