Full Mitt Romney Acceptance Speech

Friends, the next President of the United States!

Part 1

Part 2


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Mitt Romney for President!
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2 Responses to Full Mitt Romney Acceptance Speech

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  2. alice says:

    after seen 2016 movie, which I have read all about Obama and his mentor,Axlrod,jerrett MO, it makes me sick that these people are in office without a investigation from the FBI. we have been fighting communist for a long time. Now its back and the news media never picked it up. shame on them, I know that Geroge Soros own the news media, but for heaven sake, people would have not voted for Obama. thats why we need everyone to get off there duff and vote for Mitt. and spread the word about Frank Marshall Davis coummunist USA. I like Mitt speech and the elder couple who told there story made me cry I could relate to that.and the women who lost her daughter, because I lost my friend,lover,mentor who I was married to for 58 years. there story was touching. Mitt has to mention the true story of the communist Obama and axlrod,& Jerrett. we cannot let him get away with that. I will spread the word about the movie and what I have picked up on the internet. GO MITT……

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