The Founding Fathers Would Vote Mitt Romney

Jay Caruthers notes that Federalist, anti-federalist, and Democratic-Republicans all believed that government was a necessary evil.  With that in mind, while some of them would disagree vehemently with many Republican positions, none of them would recognize the modern Democratic party as anything but foreign:

I have no doubt each of these seven Founding Fathers would be shocked by what has become of their country – in both good and bad ways.  I also have no doubt they’d be sickened by the two parties which currently dominate our political landscape…That said, they’d at least recognize the Republican Party.  I don’t believe the same can be said about the Democrat Party, which would stun the Founders beyond belief, because the Democrats have more or less attempted to overthrow the country they established.

With that, I have no doubt every one of the Founding Fathers listed above (and below) would vote for Mitt Romney over Barack Obama…No, they wouldn’t vote for Mitt Romney because Barack Obama is black.  They’d vote vote for Mitt Romney because Barack Obama is everything they were not; specifically he is a proponent of overwhelming government power.



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