Dem. Skewed Poll Shows Romney Leads Nationally!

Do you hear those bells?  Obama should ask not for whom the bells toll:

These days, even a D+9 sample can’t buy Barack Obama a lead in the Washington Post/ABC poll.  Instead, Mitt Romney has a one-point edge, 47/46, but more tellingly a four-point margin among independents…

As mentioned, this poll has a D+9 sample, with Republicans ridiculously undersampled at 22%.  The 2008 election had a split of D+7, 39/32,29, and the 2010 midterms had a split of 35/35/30.  The likelihood of getting a D+9 turnout in this election is nil, as is the likelihood of an electorate that is comprised of 22% Republicans.  Even if we saw it, Obama would still only get 46% of the vote as an incumbent, hardly a gratifying position for Team Obama.



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