Crony Capitalism: More Obama Friends Get Massive “Stimulus” Funding

Chicago Energy Behemoth Scored $200 Million in Stimulus Funds:

Exelon’s top executives were early and frequent supporters of Mr. Obama as he rose from the Illinois State Senate to the White House. John W. Rogers Jr., a friend of the president’s and one of his top fund-raisers, is an Exelon board member. David Axelrod, Mr. Obama’s longtime political strategist, once worked as an Exelon consultant, and Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago mayor and Mr. Obama’s former chief of staff, helped create the company through a corporate merger in 2000 while working as an investment banker….Exelon, which provides power to more than 6.6 million customers in at least 16 states and the District of Columbia, was chosen as one of only six electric utilities nationwide for the maximum $200 million stimulus grant from the Energy Department. And when the Treasury Department granted loans for renewable energy projects, Exelon landed a commitment for up to $646 million allowing it, on extremely generous financial terms, to finance one of the world’s largest photovoltaic solar projects.

Like I’ve been saying, it’s good to know the King.


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One Response to Crony Capitalism: More Obama Friends Get Massive “Stimulus” Funding

  1. Cheryl Moore says:

    We should call this Election 2012 “Wake up America”…why are there still people out there attempting to bash Romney for being a successful business man and supporting Obama for his dirty politics! Our country has become one great big complex company and we need someone who has the expertise, knowledge and experience to get our country back in business and back on track. We foolishly gave Obama the chance to put his money where his mouth is and he failed. Obama has risen to where he is through dirty politics and smooth talking…I say, let’s tell Obama to go get a job with Rev. Jeremiah Wright as a public speaker! And let’s put Romney in the White House to work for the American people!

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