US Foreign Debt Rises 72% Under Obama

Ever wonder where we get all the money to fund Obama’s overspending?  A substantial amount of it comes from foreign entities.  The largest foreign debt holder is China.  And under President Obama that has risen 72%:

The U.S. government’s indebtedness to foreign interests has grown by 72.3 percent during President Barack Obama’s term in office. In January 2009, when Obama was inaugurated, the U.S. government owed $3.0717 trillion to foreign entities, according to the Treasury Department. That has increased by $2.2206 trillion—or 72.3 percent—to the record $5.2923 trillion reported for yesterday.


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One Response to US Foreign Debt Rises 72% Under Obama

  1. Arlette says:

    Currently under Obama care Christian and Catholic organizations are being forced to provide contraceptives and abortion to employees. If not compliant, they face fines up to $2000 per employee yearly. Are any other religions (ie Muslums) being asked to comply with this law under Obabma Care?

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