CNN Spanking Videos: Soledad Obrien Caught Reading Liberal Blog Talking Points, Piers Morgan Schooled in Econ 101

Is the media biased against Republicans? Emphatically yes!  In the past two days we’ve seen two perfect examples of this.

First, John Sununu accuses Soledad O’Brien of being in the tank for Obama and simply using his talking points as matters of fact (Sorry, can’t get video to embed here.  Just follow the link).  Notice in the video that Sununu accuses O’Briend of simply passing on material repeated at liberal blogs.

In fact, Soldedad O’Brien is reading from liberal blogs.  How do we know this?  Ali A. Akbar has this image of O’Brien reading from Democratic talking points culled from the aptly named left leaning blog “Talking Points Memo”. (H/T: Gabriel Malor)

Then Newt Gingrich spanks Piers Morgan on Economics 101 and the Romney/Ryan tax plan (Sorry, embed problem. Follow the link for the video).  That’s going to leave a mark!

Apparently at CNN doing “research” means reading left-leaning blogs.

Hat tip: Hot Air


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