Paul Ryan: A Bold Choice for a Bold Agenda

I love the choice of Paul Ryan, the only person in Congress who has a specific plan to save our country from following the path of Greece towards bankruptcy.  It’s a bold choice, and it signals that many Republicans have been wrong about Mitt Romney all along: he’s a solid conservative with a record of vetoing spending bill after spending bill.

Jay Caruthers over at The Right is Right agrees:

I have to admit, I didn’t think Mitt Romney had it in him to make such a bold choice for V.P. as Rep. Paul Ryan….

The choice of Paul Ryan tells me Romney knows our country is circling the toilet, and he isn’t willing to just slow down the route…The choice of Paul Ryan tells me Mitt Romney wants to pull us out of the toilet – to at least try to fix the problems…

Great choice, Mitt Romney.  I give you big props for making a decision to fight the good fight instead of trying to back into the presidency…America needs a leader who is willing and able to end the status quo, 1960’s, Liberal agenda.



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