Video: Obama Ends Welfare Reform as We Know It

There’s a longer version and a shorter version. I’ve got the longer version of it up first.  I never thought I’d say it: I long for the good old days when Clinton was President.


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6 Responses to Video: Obama Ends Welfare Reform as We Know It

  1. black america says:

    most of america’s welfare is receivced by white america anyway… who cares………

  2. Dr. M. Goodwin says:

    if mitt romney is elected the United States is in BIG TROUBLE……..We can’t take another Bush hit……Understand!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. DR. M Goodwin says:

    to hell With Mitt Romney…….America will be in the toilet if he is ELECTED>>>> Bastard……..We Don’t NEED aNOTHER BUSH/CHEney GOVERNment…….THATS why we ARE in this mess Already!!!!!!!!

    • blogs4mitt says:

      Lulz. You’d think after 3.5 years Obama could have done something to save us from whatever it is you think Bush/Cheney did.

      And yet nothing Obama has done actually helped.

      And in the process he’s added more to the national debt than the last five Presidents COMBINED.

  4. JImbo neely says:

    Don’t want mitt romney…….BETTER off WITH Palin

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