Empirical Fact: Obama is The Worst President in Last 60 Years

Here’s the chart prepared by Political Math.  On the two measures that matter the most — job creation and unemployment — Obama is empirically the worst post-WWII President in history.

Go read the post, they answer any objections your Obama supporting friends might have about the data.


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3 Responses to Empirical Fact: Obama is The Worst President in Last 60 Years

  1. Speaker Gingrich was responsible for the jobs and the Welfare Reform and the balanced budget (4 times)during the Clinton presidency. Bush’s employment was much higher than that – until 2006 elections of the Dem Congress. The Dems demonized Bush and the Rep. so terribly that we lost control. The welfare reform was not bipartesan. It took pulling and screamimg to get that bill passed.

  2. Bruce says:

    / Hello, Blogs4Mitt. Just wondering if maybe you have already seen this bit found on the web. /


    (Some definitions from A Kansas Patriot)

    (1) Barack-coli: a veggie the first George Bush hated – or a lowdown bacterium that has become a national plague.

    (2) Mecca wafers: Barack’s favorite candy.

    (3) White House fence: a well-known border fence not high enough to keep out criminals and anyone who’s illegal.

    (4) Nancy Pelosi: BO-toxic.

    (For more on BO, Google or MSN “The Background Obama Can’t Cover Up,” “The Anti-Chick-fil-A Jihad”
    and “Jewish Codes Behind the DC Shooting.”)

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