Romney: Citizen of the Free World

While the Democratic party aligned media focused on one of Romney’s aids asking them to show a little respect (I know, you might as well ask a pig to use the salad fork!), the MSM has all but failed to do its job and report what Mitt actually said.  It’s a great speech, full of reminders of American values.  Here’s how Bill Kristol characterizes it:

It’s striking that in these remarks, Romney chooses to speak not as a “citizen of the world” but as a citizen of the free world. He suggests that American exceptionalism isn’t a basis for some sort of arrogant disdain for the rest of the world, but rather provides the grounds for a duty to stand with others around the world fighting for freedom. And he explains that, in the case of Poland but also beyond the case of Poland, the spirit of liberty can be allied with the spirit of faith, and the courage of rebellion with the power of truth.

Kristol also has a text of the entire speech posted.  Read it all.


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