Obama: It worked! — Romney: We Built This

Two outstanding videos from the Romney camp in the past two days.  Both are worth sending to all of your Obama supporting friends and especially “independents” and those still not in our camp.

The first, the utter arrogance of Obama.  His economic recovery plan …. worked?

The second, a new campaign by Mitt to gather stories from people who have built their own businesses from scratch.

Incidentally, my wife is about to move her business out of the house and into a stand alone property that we’re buying.  While I appreciate all of you for paying your taxes so that we can share the road with you, we also paid those same taxes.  It wasn’t the road that built my wife’s business.  It was her hard work.

And the second mortgage we took out on our house in order to make the dream come true.  Whether her business fails or succeeds the roads will still be there.  If it fails, we lose our house.  That’s called risk.  We’re the ones taking it.  But if it succeeds?  Then we profit from it.  That’s called reward.

We’re the ones taking the risk.  We’re the ones that will reap the reward.

It’s a fundamental American value and something the current occupant of the White House doesn’t understand.

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3 Responses to Obama: It worked! — Romney: We Built This

  1. obloodyhell says:

    Cross-posted from neo-neocon:

    The problem, at its heart, is a confusion the Left has towards the issue of commitment vs. involvement.

    Sure, Obama and the Left are correct — if you were a success, other factors were involved which were completely external to you. The key word is right there — they were involved. No argument.

    YOU, on the other hand, were committed to the creation of that success.


    What’s the difference? I’ll use an old analogy:

    Consider the ham and egg breakfast. The chicken was involved. The pig was committed.

    And THAT is the difference between commitment and involvement. The one that was committed to the success should receive the lion’s share of the benefits.

    But this is what The Great Big 0 and his ilk are out to take away.


    You’re committed to the success of your business. The others are merely involved.

  2. NOBO2012 says:

    We built our home, the government did not.
    We lost our home, the government did it! It worked!
    Thanks Obama! I guess you can take credit for that!

  3. NOBO2012 says:

    We sacrificed and struggled to build our own business,with no help from the government.
    However, we lost our own business, the government did it. It worked!
    Thanks Obama! I guess you can take credit for THAT too!

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