Romney In Perfect Position to Win

From the Right is Right:

Every day I talk to friends, Conservatives, Republicans, and Independents, and every day I hear similar versions of the same concern: “Pero, do you think Romney can beat Obama?”

I understand the concern, and I understand the fear of losing…But people, take a deep breath and repeat after me: “Mitt Romney is in a perfect position to beat Barack Obama.”

Repeat it again, and again, and again…And relax – but don’t get complacent.

Barack Obama is the incumbent, which is a powerful position. Plus, he has the Mainstream Media and Hollywood, which acts like a combo lap-dog/guard-dog for him…As such, Barack Obama should have a huge advantage for re-election.


Find out why Mitt is primed to win over at The Right is Right.


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2 Responses to Romney In Perfect Position to Win

  1. ws141 says:

    The vast majority of Americans, including Obama supporters, believe Romney will win. This is no shocker.

  2. doris cox says:

    my husband is home during the day and he gets calls asking if he is going to vote for Obama. When he says NO the caller hangs up. It makes me wonder where they get their numbers for their polls.

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