Video: Romney’s First 100 Days

Mitt’s team has a number of ads that are state specific showing what team Romney will do in his first 100 days in office to get the economy moving.  I like the Iowa and North Carolina ads the best because they focus on what I think is the most important issue moving forward: solving the crushing debt problem so my children won’t have to pay for past mistakes.

I’d like to see more of these ads, specifically targeting the softer swing states such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and New Mexico.  My gut tells me that the polls in those states showing an Obama lead are off the mark.


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One Response to Video: Romney’s First 100 Days

  1. Nancy Nelms says:

    I just listened to an old ad in which Mitt Romney announced that he had selected an committee to explore the possibility of running for President. He was impressive. I would like to see more ads like this in North Carolina, showing the same positive enthusiasm, combined with the same aggressiveness that he displayed during the primary debates, and giving a brief, step by step outline of how he plans to begin healing the economy – i.e., tax reform, approving the Canadian pipeline, lower corporate taxes with less loopholes, elimination of both unnecessary regulation on businesses and government bureaucracies that overlap, etc. He should not ignore any lies put forth by the O’Bama campaign, but should immediately address and refute
    such issues as the “outsourcing” accusation, briefly explaining, but not dwelling on, the source of the distortion. I believe Romney is a good man who truly cares about America, and who has the experience and the wisdom to lead this country. I believe he has the ability to be flexible enough to reach across party lines and bring opposing parties together to solve our country’s most pressing problems. I just heard Orin Hatch say that our National Debt is 103% of our GDP. We have to win this election. We have no choice. I will pray for Mitt Romney.

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