“Devil” Endorses Obama (No, really … this isn’t a parody!)

No, really. Unless your last name is Paris or Kardashian you probably won’t recognize the real Anna Wintour, but if you’ve seen the move The Devil Wears Prada you’ve seen a character based on her portrayed by Meryl Streep as the antagonist — literally the “devil” who wears Prada and who slowly (but ultimately unsuccessfully) turns the naive Anne Hathaway into a protege of the self-centered, ego maniacal, upper crust Manhattanite.

So, who’s out of touch with the ‘real America’??

This is funny on so many levels. It’s beyond a parody. It’s beyond a parody of a parody. It’s like a parody, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a parody, and then wrapped in bacon. Or something like that.

H/T: Glenn Beck

PS — This is on the official Barrack Obama YouTube channel.

PPS — The RNC campaign responds.

H/T: Ed from Hot Air


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