Video: Four Years of Hope and Change

It’s a hit job, and Ed and others are hand-wringing over the fact that Fox News produced it …. but still, it’s pretty awesome.  If the “unbiased” CNN can get away with spending all day yesterday haranguing Mitt Romney for guilt-by-association birtherism, then I’m not sure why this little video should be considered somehow “controversial” coming from a news station.


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3 Responses to Video: Four Years of Hope and Change

  1. Reblogged this on AmeriKim Patriot and commented:
    I really can care less about what the biased networks have to say about Fox’s video on Obama’s failures. We are to care what the hypocrites say & think? I think not. This vid is precise, concise…factual account of what the past 3.5 years of Obama have been.

  2. Mac says:

    Once again, it’s “Kill the Messenger.” Instead of blasting Fox News and Chris White personally, why doesn’t the White House and their friends just show proof the video is incorrect? Could it be they can not? Even as polar and bias as they think it seems? I tend to listen to the two sides, usually the truth is somewhere in-between, but I tend to favor the one sighting facts, not personal attacks.

  3. Nothing wrong with a well produced “hit job.” The Empty Suit shall reap what the Empty Suit has sewn (sic).

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