Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll 5-15-2012

Mitt Romney – 47%
Dog Devourer In Chief – 45%

Also, 51% of Americans think that Mitt Romney would handle the economy better than Obama Bin Lyin’.

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2 Responses to Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll 5-15-2012

  1. AlecJames35 says:

    There’s absolutely no debating the fact Obama MUST be defeated in November. I rather doubt America could stand up under another 4 years of the Socialist’s authoritarian dictatorship where he has the final say on what’s lawful or legal in complete disregard of the fact the United States has three co-equal branches of Government.

    I am looking down the road a piece to my 80th birthday. I can say in all honesty that I have NEVER seen America in such a mess as under the ineptness of this President.

    REJECT Socialism. DEFEAT Obama. VOTE Romney (I will).

  2. Darrell says:

    I beleive the problem is that Obama being a minority and a product of Government Funding. How else does someone from poor means get a harvard education. Totally beleives in government hand outs and redistribution of wealth. There arent enough Rich people to supplement the “free loaders”
    The people who are getting free rides wont support somone who will take them away. These will be same people who will scream when the government is broke and cant give them there free stuff.(greece)
    Basically 4 more years of Obama we are greece get out your togas!!!!!!!! Romney will try to correct problems but will meet heavy resistance and riots. So do we reform or wuss out like france and go back to socialism becuase we miss our goodies.

    its pay now or later. reform with romney or austerity after Obama.
    we shall see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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