Okay, I’ve heard of a healthy self-regard, but this guy makes Narcissus look humble.

Public Secrets

Okay, it’s a given that anyone who runs for president of the United States has to have a healthy ego; you’re in essence saying you’re the best person to do the most difficult job on the planet. But never, ever, do I think it would occur to any of the presidents from Washington to George W. Bush (1) to insert himself into the official biographies of his predecessors.

That is, not until Barack Obama:

Many of President Obama’s fervent devotees are young enough not to have much memory of the political world before the arrival of The One. Coincidentally, Obama himself feels the same way—and the White House’s official website reflects that.

The Heritage Foundation’s Rory Cooper tweeted that Obama had casually dropped his own name into Ronald Reagan’s official biography on www.whitehouse.gov, claiming credit for taking up the mantle of Reagan’s tax reform advocacy with…

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