Poll: Romney Edging Obama, Republicans Edging Democrats

You can’t read too much into a daily tracking poll, but it is good news:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows Mitt Romney earning 49% of the vote and President Obama attracting 44% support.

It’s a daily tracking poll, but dig down deeper and you see that over the past few months Romney has the edge:

Romney’s support has remained within three points of 46% every day for more than two months. Obama’s numbers have stayed within two points of 45% every day for nearly two months.

Do the math and that averages to a +1 to +2 advantage for Romney over the past two months.  Even better, Obama’s floor is 42% while Romney’s is 43%.  And Obama’s ceiling is 47% while Romney’s is 49%.

But that’s not the best news:

Republicans have a three-point advantage on the Generic Congressional Ballot.

The bigger the Romney surge, the better the chances we have to take the Senate!  This will be essential to repealing Obamacare and moving forward on balancing the budget and reforming entitlements.


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2 Responses to Poll: Romney Edging Obama, Republicans Edging Democrats

  1. Greyrooster aka Rusty's mentor says:

    I’ve thought for some time that Obama would have an easy time being re elected. Now I’m not so sure. Obama has one hell of a bankroll to spend and remaining president is the most important thing in the world to him. He’d eat his children to get re elected. Also his dog. Maybe your dog. Any one’s dog and he doesn’t care about the cost as long as the wealthy pay the bill.
    Romney needs to get out and be seen more. I think the more people know of him the better he’ll look when it gets down and dirty. And it will. I hope he’s able to play in the mud because that’s where Obama and company is going to take him.

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