Top 30 Potential Picks For Vice-President

John Hawkins over at Right Wing News has a top 30 countdown of the most likely VP picks for Mitt Romney:

Predicting whom a particular candidate will take as Vice-President is always difficult because so many factors play into it. Do both candidates get along? Is the presidential nominee looking to carry a particular state, region, or demographic group? Does he want a rock star or is he looking for a candidate who won’t overshadow him? Is he looking to solidify his base or is he just trying to add strength across the board in a general election? Here are the running mates that Mitt Romney is most likely to choose


There are really two ways to play this game.  Who do I want him to pick?  Who do I think he’ll pick.

To the former, I’d like to see a Rand Paul.  Yeah, he’s pretty new to the political scene but it would be a signal to the base that Romney is serious about limited government.  Or a Paul Ryan.

But who do I think he’ll actually pick? I think the most likely VP will be Mike Huckabee as a way to signal to social conservatives that Romney is serious about their issues and as a way of insulating himself from the minority of evangelicals who are wavering over whether they can vote for a Mormon.


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One Response to Top 30 Potential Picks For Vice-President

  1. Greyrooster aka Rusty's mentor says:

    I understand it’s down to three. Christy, Rubio and Greyrooster.

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