Obama’s Desperate Attacks Against Romney

Bryan Preston on Obama’s latest attack against Romney, which goes along the lines of, “A Romney supporter said something extreme so Romney must be an extremistor something:

Is this really the ground Team Obama wants to fight on? The president launched his political career in the home of a pair of unrepentant terrorists, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. Dorhn spent a decade on the FBI’s most wanted list, but she wasn’t too radical for Bam. He knowingly hired a raft of radicals to staff his administration and kept them away from congressional scrutiny by making them czars or putting them in positions where Congress had no say.


Obama doesn’t have a record to run on, that’s why he will try to divert the nation’s attention from the economic malaise and debt crisis that he’s presided over.  If it weren’t for his allies in the media doing everything they can to divert the American people’s from the fundamental failure of his policies, it would the top story every night on the news.

And an exit question from AllahPundit of extreme relevance:

Which Obama townhall questioner recently referred to the Koch brothers as “contract killers out there in Super PAC land”? Oops, that wasn’t a townhall questioner. It was … David Axelrod.


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One Response to Obama’s Desperate Attacks Against Romney

  1. Ed says:

    Romney garanties WWIII and complete poverty for the USA.

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